Loxton Young Ltd is a privately-owned nursing service provider that assists Nurses through their Professional Registration process in the UK and globally. Our service has successfully relocated nurses since our establishment in 2015.

Today we continue to provide healthcare employers with qualified Nurses from around the world. This is done by the active and ongoing sourcing of new candidates – through networking, career fairs, word-of-mouth, and social media platforms.

Loxton Young Nursing Services

Process Only – Employer

Where the employer has recruited and interviewed directly, confirmed candidates will need to be processed for NMC Registration. Loxton Young provide a ‘Process Only’ service for employers/recruiters whereby we assist the nurse through the entire NMC process. This helps retain the nurse and guarantees the employer a successful applicant.

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Processed Nurses

Loxton Young have a pool of over 300 directly referred overseas nurses which can be utilised if an employer chooses not to recruit directly. They have varying levels of experience, areas of speciality and qualifications and have all been screened to ensure they are of the calibre and quality employers have come to expect from Loxton Young Ltd.

Process Only – Nurse

There are 2 types of nurses that require this service. The nurse that has secured a Job role but her offer letter states that she needs to complete Professional Registration. Alternatively, the nurse that wishes to seek direct employment and therefore, needs to complete the Registration process themselves. We directly assist nurses through the process to ensure their Registration progresses without any unnecessary delays.