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    Welcome to Loxton Young

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    Service Provider for

    European and Overseas
    trained nurses

About Us


Loxton Young is a service provider for European and Overseas trained nurses.

We are unique in the services offered to all of our clients. These range from hospitals, walk-in centres, care home groups as well as individual nurses globally.

Over the last 4 years Loxton Young have been involved in a number of global Recruitment Events. During the course of these events we became the service provider to many recruiters in the UK and overseas. This specialist transition came due to our Directors identifying a need for bespoke services for retaining nurses, during their professional registration process within the global healthcare sector.

How We Came About

After completing our latest project with a corporate UK recruiter, Loxton Young Ltd was incorporated. Our view was simple, to offer assistance in completing nurse registration. We found not only do organisations require assistance, but also the individual nurses who had been left alone to complete this task. Loxton Young Ltd specialise in providing assistance in global nurse registration in their chosen country of employment.

Our Vision

Trust, Reliability and Success have been our motivators. Over the last 4 years our continued success and reliability have been the core reasons why nurses continuously refer our services within the global nursing community. Trust has been key and Loxton Young Ltd builds an everlasting relationship with its nurses and endeavours to help all nurses. Our Vision is to continue to provide help and guidance to all nurses emigrating to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States of America.